• Cyril Charlier (Toulouse Biotechnology Institute - FR): "Digging into the active site of PETase trough histidine side chains"


• Ons Dakhlaoui (Univ. Grenoble Alpes - FR ):"Improving selective DNP (SelDNP) for biomolecular applications"


• Carlos Elena-Real (CBS - Montpellier- FR): "High-resolution structural study of Poly-Alanines and their role in developmental diseases"


• Léa El Hajjar (Pasteur Institute - Lille - FR):"Regulation of Tau protein phosphorylation by kinase O-GlcNAcylation and its implication in fibrillar aggregation"


• Arthur Giraud (IBS - Grenoble- FR): "Innovative isotopic labeling approaches enabling NMR investigation of monoclonal antibodies at atomic resolution"


• Arun G S (NCBS - Bengalore - IN): "Intermolecular transient contacts through Paramagnetic Relaxation Enhancement (PRE) NMR experiments and the Challenges while preparing a PRE tagged protein sample"


Faustine Henot (IBS - Grenoble- FR): "Human HSP90 a contortionist drug target - Modulation of its energy landscape upon ligand binding"


• Allysa Kemraj (SUNY Upstate Medical University - USA): "ARe they ABLe: The Biochemical and Biophysical Characterizations of the Interactions Governing the Binding of the Androgen Receptor (AR), Abl Interactor 1 (ABI1) and DNA"


• Lenette Kjaer (IBS - Grenoble- FR) :"A novel bi-partite recognition mode of Rac1 binding to the intrinsically disordered scaffold protein POSH"


• Roman Levin (Goethe University- Frankfurt-DE): “Stablelabel” cell-free lysates for reduced NMR label conversion"


• Agathe Marcelot (IBPC - Paris - FR): "Phosphorylation of the DNA-binding protein ‘BAF’ changes its conformational landscape"


• Guillaume Mas (Biozentrum, University of Basel- CH): "Functional cycle of the human Hsp70 chaperone BiP at atomic resolution"


Thibault Orand  (IBS Grenoble- FR): "Vizualizing the interaction of the JIP1 intrinsically disordered scaffold protein with its cognate MAPK partner"


• Elisa Rioual (IBS - Grenoble- FR): "Visualizing the transiently Populated Closed-State of Human HSP90 ATP Binding Domain"


Philip Rößler  (ETH - Zurïch - CH): "Isotope labelling in mammalian cells for NMR studies of human GPCRs"


Rémy Sounier (IGF - Montpellier- FR): "Molecular insights into the biased signaling mechanism of the μ-opioid receptor"


Francois-Xavier Theillet (I2BC - Gif sur Yvette - FR):"Novel mammalian expression systems and isotope labeling schemes for in-cell NMR studies"


• Laura Troussicot (Centre de RMN à Très Hauts Champs - Lyon -FR): "19F labelling of miRNA as probe for structural and dynamical investigation by NMR spectroscopy"


• Maximilian Zinke (Institut Pasteur- Paris -FR): "Conformational selection of a sparsley populated state upon binding of an intriniscally disorderd region between two components of the Ton system"

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