Elwy Abdelkader (AU) - NMR labels via site-specific installation of non-canonical amino acids


• Pau Bernado (FR) - Novel labelling strategies for the site specific incorporation of natural and non-natural amino acids into Low-complexity Proteins


• Teresa Carlomagno (UK) - Different conformations of the ADP- and ATP- bound states of the DEAD-box helicase Vasa underpin enzymatic activity


• Lynette Cegelski (USA) - New Discovery in Bacterial Polysaccharides and Biofilms Enabled by Isotope Labels, Small Molecules, and a Big Magnet


• Theodore Kwaku Dayie (USA)- Shedding light on RNA with Isotope labels


• Kendra Frederick (USA) - Segmental isotopic labeling using split inteins


Daron Freedberg  (USA) - Isotopic labeling of glycans facilitates NMR structural studies in complex conditions


• Franz Hagn  (DE) - Biochemical tools and isotope labelling strategies for NMR structural studies of membrane proteins


• Christopher Jaroniec (USA) - Probing Watson-Crick and Hoogsteen base pairing in duplex DNA using DNP solid-state NMR


• Gunnar Jeschke (CH) - Nitroxide Spin Labelling for Distance Distribution Measurements by EPR Techniques and for NMR Paramagnetic Relaxation Enhancement


• Bruno Kieffer (FR) - Using fluorinated prolines and fluorine NMR to probe protein interactions and folding


• Takanori Kigawa (JP) - Advanced Stable-Isotope Labeling Using Cell-Free Protein Synthesis


• Tae Hun Kim (CA) - Identifying Interaction Hot Spots for Phase Separation using NMR


• Michael Latham (USA) - Structure and dynamics of the Rad50 zinc hook domain in the Mre11-Rad50 DNA Repair complex


• Jobst Liebau (DE) - Dynamics and interactions in the 410 kDa RNA exosome


• Laura Marino-Perez (ES) - New insights into the structural details of protein breathing motions associated with aromatic ring flipping events


• Ayyalusamy Ramamoorthy (USA) - Novel nanodisc technology for studies on protein-protein complexes


• Rina Rosenzweig (IL) - The True Tales of the Flexible Tails – Interaction of J-domain Protein with Hsp70 chaperones


• Philip Selenko (IL) - A new NMR experiment to probe the temperature dependency of IDP interactions with fluid membranes, rigid fibrils and complex cell lysates


Carine  Tisné (FR) - RNA processing and modifications


• Carine Van Heijenoort  (FR) - TBA


• Christopher Waudby (UK) - NMR without labelling: high-resolution ex vivo spectroscopy of patient-derived, disease-associated α1-antitrypsin variants


• Fengje Wu (CH) - Advances in labeling techniques of insect-cell expressed proteins and applications to the NMR analysis of GPCR activation


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