Practical Informations

We will welcome participants tuesday September 13 from 10 am and a lunch will be proposed for participants arriving before 12:30. The lectures will start Tuesday September 13th at 1 pm and will end Friday September 16th at noon. Lunches will be offered on conference site from tuesday to friday and dinners are programmed Tuesday evening and Thursday evening.

Invited Lecturers

Elwy Abdelkader (AU)

• Pau Bernado (FR)

• Teresa Carlomagno (UK)

• Lynette Cegelski (USA)

• Theodore Kwaku Dayie (USA)

• Kendra Frederick (USA)

Daron Freedberg  (USA)

• Franz Hagn  (DE)

• Christopher Jaroniec (USA)

• Gunnar Jeschke (CH)

• Bruno Kieffer (FR)

• Takanori Kigawa (JP)

• Tae Hun Kim (CA)

• Michael Latham (USA)

• Jobst Liebau (DE)

• Laura Marino-Perez (ES)

• Ayyalusamy Ramamoorthy (USA)

• Rina Rosenzweig (IL)

• Philip Selenko (IL)

Carine  Tisné (FR)

• Carine Van Heijenoort  (FR)

• Christopher Waudby (UK)

• Fengje Wu (CH)

Last News:

-AILM2022 program is available :

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